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Have your documents professionally translated from French to English.

Why professional translation?

KPM Translation & Language Services can take care of all of your French to English translation needs, ensuring quality and accuracy.


In addition to performing the necessary contextual and terminological research to accurately render your document, I will ensure that the style and tone of your original text are conserved, so that your target audience can understand your text in the exact manner and tone that you intended.


Ensure that your English texts are grammatically correct, properly formatted and semantically sound.

Why professional proofreading?

No matter how great your content may be, there are few things more distracting to a reader than stumbling across typos or misspelled words. Not only is it distracting to the reader, but it can also make them question the author's credibility, even if grammar has nothing to do with the topic

at hand. 


KPM Translation & Language Services can help you in all of the phases of the writing process, from revising first drafts and ensuring flow and clarity, to combing over final copies to ensure grammatical correctness and semantic accuracy.


  • Business Communications

  • Marketing Materials

  • Website Content

  • Transcripts

  • Resumes, Diplomas
    & Certificates



  • Press Releases

  • Academic Articles

  • Medical Documents

  • Legal Documents

  • And more!


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Kylie Morgan is a language enthusiast who received her B.A. in French-English Translation at Université de Saint-Boniface, Western Canada's Francophone university. She has over five years of experience working as a freelance and in-house translator and proofreader. She has experience working with a wide variety of texts, ranging from business communications and marketing materials to legal and medical documents and academic articles, for direct clients and agencies.


Kylie also has experience working in various linguistic contexts, for example as an English instructor and a language consultant in an academic context. As a result, she has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the English language, which allows her to deal with complex grammar and produce fluid, grammatically sound texts. 


Her passion for language and her dedication to her clients motivate her to always strive for the best end product possible.



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"Kylie is a reliable and detail-oriented language provider. She is prompt to reply to new projects, asks pertinent questions and always does the required research. She is a great linguist to count on."

Traducta Inc.

"Kylie is a joy to work with. She is professional, efficient, and timely. She consistently exceeds our expectations."

Norwex Canada,
Executive Sales Leader

"Kylie is a pleasant and reliable translator. I can always expect to receive accurate translations on time from her."

Archidiocèse de

Very good work; a great translator. Works quickly and provides great work. Very competitive rates.

Vanier Museopark

"Great to work with! She did an amazing job in a timely manner, and the plus: she kept me updated. A keeper!"

Hotel Tigmiza Marrakech
Independent Client

"Excellent skills. The turnaround time was exceptional!"

Recent Projects

  • Collection of articles for a French-language newspaper (3,100 words)

  • Teaching guide to help teachers develop pedagogical activities related to a local cultural exhibit (1,500 words)

  • Series of informational booklets on telescopic handlers and other construction equipment
    (15,000 words)


  • Newsletters for a major Canadian transportation company
    (2,500 words)

  •  Historical land titles for a direct client  (250 words)

  • Letter of appeal, insurance claim
    (1,000 words)


  • Various informational documents on investment and insurance products (7,500 words)

  • Proposals for a series of local art exhibits (4,500 words)

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